INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    241500H, YD168727. On S & C opn, Scts/1-61 located 2 TM-41 mines 50 meters apart. Mines were destroyed in place.


25 April 1971


    250840H, YD131712. B/1-61. M113 on S & S, detonated pressure activated PM-60 blowing off 2 roadwheels, putting hole in drivers compartment and damaging left final drive - - 3 US WIA. No recent area activity.


    250845H, YD163721. Scts/1-61. M113 detonated pressure activated TM-41 blowing off 2 roadwheels, damaging 3 - - negative casualties. Another M113, moving to assist the first vehicle, detonated another TM-41 with similar damage - - negative casualties. No recent area activity.


    250930H, YD163721. Scts/1-61 visually sighted 2 TM-41 mines 20 meters apart and 20 meters from where the M113s had earlier detonated mines. Mines were blown in place. No recent area activity.


    241345H, YD194372. 2/B/1-11 found what appeared to be a pressure activated boobytrap of US make which was battery operated with transistors. It was blown in place. Fragments sent to Brigade S-2 for analysis.


    241450H, YD125733. B/1-61 discovered 8x 60mm rounds, destroyed 7 and evacuated 1 to S-2/1-61. No recent area activity.


26 April 1971


    261230H, XD881386. Ranger Team 17 spotted 3 NVA 800 meters North of their position and adjusted Arty on location, also requesting D/3-5 Team which arrived after Ranger Team 17 sighted additional NVA 900 meters Northwest moving in single file. Upon arrival D/3-5 engaged area and took A-47 and LMG fire with negative hits. At 1411H D/3-5 and Ranger Team 17 engaged 4 NVA approaching Team location within 40 meters - - NVA were not seen afterwards. Airstrike was employed destroying hut. Ranger Team extracted 1637H. Negative friendly casualties. 2 NVA KBA.


    261545H, YD074677. A/1-61 visually detected 1 TM-47 mine which was disarmed and evacuated to S-2/1-61.


27 April 1971


    270900H, YD089650. On S& C, A/1-61 visually spotted 1 TM-46 on tank trail. Mine was destroyed in place.


    271250H, XD913398. Returning from VR D/3-5 team spotted and engaged 3 NVA in a river, killing all 3.




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