INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    271630H, XD955410. Ranger Team 17 spotted 4 NVA 150-200 meters Northeast of location. D/3-5 engaged area. Checking area, Ranger Team 17 spotted blood trail and 1 NVA 900-1000 meters North, employing Arty with negative results.


28 April 1971


    280900H, YD075650. C/3-5. M113 hit 2 TM-41 mines blowing off 3 roadwheels and putting one hole in hull.


    281515H, YD095650. Scts/1-61. M113 detonated a suspected 2 TM-41 stacked mines, blowing a hole in the hull and damaging the front sprocket and 4 roadwheels  - - 5 US WIA.


29 April 1971


    290900H, YD122730. B/1-61 detected 1 TM-41 pressure activated mine which was destroyed in place.


   291020H, YD122730. C/1-61 spotted 4 NVA 800 meters Northeast in the open. Arty employed with unknown results. Tracker team was requested and swept area with negative results.


    291425H, YD055656. 2/B/1-61 spotted 15 NVA in the open 500 meters from their location. Arty and mortars were used and tracker team swept area with negative results.


    291930H, YD110710. Dropping off ambushes, 1/B3-5 received 5-8 rounds indirect fire, moved to YD115720 and took 2-3 more indirect fire rounds and withdrew to A-4 with negative casualties. Q-34 and IOS kept area under observation to be swept at first light.


30 April 1971


    300850H, YD327416. 3/A/1-11, on S & C, received M16 and M79 fire from 3 enemy Northeast of location. Arty blocking fire was used while organic weapons fire was returned. Area was swept with 7 bunkers found and destroyed.


    301046H, YD321399. 1/A/1-11 received SA sniper fire near NOP with 1 US WIA. Arty and organic weapons were used while the area was swept with negative results.


    301730H, XD760536. D/3-5 gunships engaged the area destroying 1x 5 ton truck. Aircraft also spotted 30-50 personnel and engaged area with negative assessments. 1 AH1G took heavy SAF and crashed - - 2 US WIA. AH1G was destroyed.




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