INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


1 May 1971


    010850H, YD305453, 2/A/1-11. Point man detonated a believed 81mm or 82mm round - - 1 US KIA, 2 US WIA. Area swept with negative results.


    010835H, YD075643. C/1-61 received 4 82mm rounds - - negative casualties or damage. Counterbattery fire engaged area. Area swept with negative results.


   010815H, YD075643. B/1-61. M806 detonated 2 stacked non-metallic PM-60 mines blowing off 3 roadwheels and track. Area swept prior to incident. 3 US WIA.


    011040H, YD075643. D/1-61. M578 hit 2 stacked PM-60s blowing off 1 roadwheel - - negative casualties. Area swept prior to and after incident.


    011340H, YD290458. 2/A/4-12. M113 hit Arty shell having claymore type clacker detonator. - - negative casualties. One roadwheel blown off.


    011945H, YD242547. Sniper Team 79 spotted 3 personnel 200 meters East of location, engaged with SAF and took M79 fire in return. Arty and 4.2 fire was employed - - contact broken 2000H.


2 May 1971


    020911H, YD085645. C/1-61. M113 hit 2 stacked TM-41 mines blowing off 4 roadwheels and cracking hull - - negative casualties.


    020230H, YD845516. VC plt (15 personnel) hit Trung Song Compound and Huong Trung Village with B-40s and SAF - - 3 RD cadre KIA, 1 civilian KIA, 8 RD cadre WIA, 2 civilians WIA. 12 PFDF weapons captured.


    020850H, YD268434. Recon Team/1-11 spotted 3 NVA in the open. Arty and 4.2 were requested and employed - - NVA fled East.


    021900H, YD318408. CP/A/1-11 received 15 round 61mm 600 meters Northeast of location. A/1-11 fired countermortars, 12 WP and 58 HE. Arty fired 5 WP and 13 HE on target.


3 May 1971


    031127H, YD335456. HQ/3-5 and A/7 Engr. M113 detonated 155 round blowing off frontal drive and set of roadwheels - - negative casualties. No recent area activity.


    031440H, YD071636. B3-5. On S & C M113 hit 2 stacked PM60s blowing off 2 roadwheels and left final drive - - 4 US WIA.




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