INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    031555H, YD071636. B/3-5 detected 1 TM-41 through use of mine detector. Mine was blown in place.


    031740H, YD366425. On RIF A/1-11 detonated pressure type boobytrap - - 4 US WIA.


    031925H, YD092641. B/3-5 was engaged by RPG team 50 meters South. Last 2 vehicles in column - - M113 and M551 - - were hit. Organic fire was returned and RPG team evaded to the South. 6 US WIA.


5 May 1971


    051000H, YD249484. 2/A/4-12. M551 hit aluminum type rocket mine blowing off 2 roadwheels - - 1 US WIA.


    051145H, YD258486. 2/A/4-12 discovered mine made up of 1 RPG and 1 82mm round. Mine was blown in place.


051905H, YD092625. Scts/1-61 spotted 2 personnel 700 meters North of location. Arty employed with negative results.


6 May 1971


    061328H, YD331413. 3/C/1-11, while preparing to destroy a detected 60mm round, detonated a push-pull release boobytrap of unknown size - - 2 US WIA. Area search made with negative results.


061345H, YD152647. C/1-77. On S & C, M48 hit 2 stacked TM-41 mines, blowing off 3 sets of roadwheels - - negative casualties.


    061510H, YD111547. C/1-77. 3 2 trucks (belonging to 101st) were engaged on QL-9 by an unknown enemy force firing 2 B-40 rounds and SAF, destroying 1 2 truck and 1 US WIA. Area sweep produced negative results.


    061605H, YD109640. A/3-5 received 2 RPG-7 rounds from 400 meters SW of location and returned fire with main gun and SA - - 1 US KIA, 1 US WIA.


7 May 1971


    071120H, YD882388. Ranger Team 19 spotted 2 NVA moving West on road. 2 additional personnel sighted 1220H - - D/3-5 took SAF from undetermined number of people. Gunships and Arty engaged area with unknown results. Additional 3 personnel sighted 1300H - - Arty adjusted. At 1740H, 3 personnel spotted moving West on QL-9 - - Arty employed with unknown results.




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