INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    071600H, YD137723. C/1-77. M48 detonated mine in tank trail blowing off 3 housings, 3 roadwheels and roadwheel arms, 2 buffer springs and 2 shocks - - negative casualties. Mine sweep located 1 TM-41 and 1 TM-46 200 meters Southwest of incident.


    071715H, YD343422. 1/C/1-11. Patrolling area 1 person hit boobytrap - - 1 US WIA. Dustoff was requested and upon landing prop blast set off 1 more boobytrap, injuring 1 soldier and damaging fuselage and blade of chopper - - medevac completed. Area checked with negative results.


8 May 1971


    081110H, YD154732. A/3-5 discovered an M-18 anti-personnel mine which was destroyed in place.


   081800 082000H, XD882388. Ranger Team 19 sighted 50 NVA moving West on QL-9. All were armed, half carried rucksacks. Observation continued.


   081945H, YD289553. Bde Avn. 1 UH1H down due to mech trouble, received SAF. 2 gunships engaged area - - 1 plt 1-77 secured chopper overnight. 2 US WIA.


9 May 1971


    092125H, YD117701. 1-61. A-4 took 4 rounds suspected 122mm rockets, 2 landing 200 meters South and 2 landing 300 meters Northwest - - no casualties or damage from rockets. Counterbattery 155mm - - unknown results.


    091820H, XD882398. Ranger Team 19 spotted 12 NVA moving West on QL-9. Arty employed with unknown results.


10 May 1971


    100230H, YD344424. 1/C/1-11received 5-7 unknown type rounds landing 200 meters from NDP. Arty engaged. Negative casualties or damage.


    100900H, YD241485. 2/B/3-5. M551 hit 20 pound metallic mine blowing off 1 shock absorber and 2 roadwheels - - 1 US WIA. Area swept with negative results.


    101046H, XD881388. Ranger Team 19 spotted 4 personnel 600 meters SSE carrying weapons and 1 radio. D/3-5 engaged with rockets causing secondary explosions. Airstrike utilized at 1230H.


    101515H, YD349425. 1/C/1-11 spotted 2 NVA moving North 200-300 meters from location. Arty, mortars and gunships employed the area - - unknown results.


    101939H, YD343424. 1/C/1-11 spotted personnel at YD346425 and engaged with 81mm and M60 with unknown results. At 1945H 2 more personnel were spotted 100 meters Southwest and were engaged with 155mm, 81mm, M60, M6 and M16 with unknown results.




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