INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report – Montana Mustang – 080001H April 1971 – 111200H July 1971


21 May 1971


    210925H, YD367437. 3/A/3-5. M551 hit 155mm round blowing a 2’ hole in underside of track which burned making it a total combat loss. 4 US WIA. Area not swept prior to incident.


    210835H, YD085642. 1/A/1-77. M48A3 hit a concealed TM-60 on tank trail blowing 4 housings off right side. Negative casualties. Area not swept prior to incident.


    211045H, YD156742. D/3-5, A/1-61. D/3-5 took SAF while spotting 2 caches. At 1045H Charlie Horse 45 sighted 2 rocket caches and 2 bunkers. At 1100H 1/A/1-61 was inserted, spotted 3 NVA to North which Charlie Horse engaged - - 3 NVA KIA. An LOH took SAF and was forced to land, secured by 1/A/1-61, and at 1130H again took SAF and 1 RPG round. At 1150H Charlie Horse replacement was hit by rockets, and LOH crashed and burned. 2 US WIA were taken from the burning craft. 1/A/1-61 secured aircraft and 2 US WIA were dusted off. At 1320H the first downed aircraft was extracted. At 1335H the following was found at 1st cache: 12x 122mm rocket, 1x 122mm tripod, 1x 122mm tube, 1x 122mm sight, 1 AK-47, 4 Chicom grenades and miscellaneous documents. 3 KIA were at this location - - A/1-61 destroyed 1 bunker with overhead cover. At 1405H 3/A/1-61 arrived at second site, finding 1x 122mm tube, 1x 122mm tripod, 4x 122mm rockets, 25x 82mm rounds, 3 boxes 82mm fuses, 5 cans 82mm charges and 1 RPG warhead - - destroyed 5 bunkers with overhead cover. All material was evacuated to 517th MID.


    211047H, YD116477. 2/A/1-77. 1 US personnel set off boobytrap while laying down during a break - - 3 US WIA. Area swept with negative results.


    211735H, C-2. 1-61 started to receive 122mm rockets equipped with delayed fuzes. Altogether 11 rockets landed within the perimeter. At 1744H the seventh rocket struck the club bunker which was occupied by an estimated 65079 personnel. The bunker collapsed on those inside and rescue operations were begun immediately. All available personnel and equipment were requested and employed, and C/1-61 arrived from Quang Tri CB as a reaction force at 2100H. Excavation, rescue and dustoff activities finally ceased at approximately 0200H on 22 May. From the incident there were 29 KIA’s and 33 WIA’s.


    212250H, C-2. 1-61 took 4x 82mm rounds from Southwest landing 150 meters outside the perimeter. Arty was employed - - IOS reported direct hit.


22 May 1971


    220712H, QTCB. Base Defense reported 2 explosions in ASP. EOD searched area and found 2 charges which were destroyed and 2 which were disarmed. Explosion damage - - 2 WP rounds.




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