INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    220820H, YD073678. B/1-61 took 8x 82mm rounds - - negative casualties and damage. Counterbattery was fired on SEL and area searched with negative results.


    221015H, YD367437. 3/A/3-5 found 1 claymore mech ambush was set off leaving much blood. An area search revealed 1 trapped 105mm round which had been implaced in the last 12 hours. Round was destroyed in place.


    221355H, YD485565. A/7th Engineers while sweeping a road and providing security for C/75th Spt, took 8 rounds of SAF - - 1 US WIA. Area was engaged North with negative casualties or damage. Counterbattery fire employed with unknown results.


23 May 1971


    230900H, YD100642. A/4-12 took 4x 82mm rounds - - negative casualties or damage. Counterbattery and 81mm fire employed. Scts/1-61 swept area with negative results.


    230900H, YD351434. 2/C/3-5. M113 set off detonator to 175mm round on tank trail which was destroyed in place. Area checked with negative results.


25 May 1971


    251003H, YD373430. 1/A/3-5. M113 set off pressure activated 155mm round buried in open field - - negative casualties. Left front final drive and sprocket were sheared off with damage to front roadwheels. No recent area activity.


    251040H, YD090710. C/1-77. M48 hit 2 stacked PM-60 mines blowing off 2 roadwheels and arms with damage to the right front housing and support rollers - - negative casualties. Area swept with negative results.


    251040H, YD078639. C/1-61. M113 hit 2 stacked TM-41 pressure activated mines - - 5 US WIA. 2 roadwheels and final right drive were blown off. Area swept after incident by mine detector and dog team with negative results.


26 May 1971


    261120H, YD082640. B/3-5. M113 set off a TM-46 - - 2 US WIA, 1 KCS WIA. Area swept prior to and after incident by mine dog. No recent area activity.


    261325H, YD108713. 3/B/1-61. M113 detonated a 4.2 round stacked on top of a TM-41 mine, flew 10 into air, landed in a crater and overturned. All roadwheels and arms were blown off on left side, 1  roadwheel and arm on right side. TM-41 was found undetonated and was destroyed in place. 1 US KIA, 2 US WIA.




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