INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    261430H, YD120723. B/1-61 found  4.2 round which was boobytrapped. When destroyed in place a mine under it was also blown.


    261630H, YD119503. B/1-77 took 1 RPG round, SAF and 60mm fire - - 3 US WIA. Organic fire and Arty weapons fire employed and area swept with negative results.


27 May 1971


    270845H, YD145707. B/1-61. M113 set off 2 stacked TM-41 mines blowing off 2 roadwheels on left and 1 one right side - - 4 US WIA. Area swept prior to and after incident with mine dog. No recent area activity.


    271025H, YD145707 visually spotted 1 TM-41 on tank trail which was destroyed in place.


    271137H, YD084626. Scts/1-61 found 10 bunkers which had been used in 2-3 previous days. Inside were found: 30x 82mm rounds with fuzes, 3x 60mm rounds, 3 Chicom grenades, 9 TM-41 mines, 8 TM-46 mines, and 3 TM-60 mines, all of which were destroyed in place with the bunker.


    271130H, YD181450. D/3-5. During extraction, Ranger Team reported movement to gunships - - an AH1G engaged the area and crashed. 2 US KIA and aircraft destroyed. Ranger Team secured the aircraft. Recent area activity. Area searched with negative results.


28 May 1971


    280800H, YD244476. 1/C/3-5. M551 set off 20 pound metallic mine blowing off 2 roadwheels on left side - - 2 US WIA. Area swept after incident. No recent area activity.


    281905H- -281950H, YD133741. B/3-5 took 2 RPG rounds and 2 bursts of AK-47 fire - - negative casualties or damage. 81mm organic weapons and Arty fire were employed with negative results.


29 May 1971


    290845H, YD137718. Scts/ 1-61 visually spotted 1 TM-41 which was blown in place. Area swept with negative results.


    291218- -291332H, YD135646. CP/1-61 took 26x 122mm rockets, 14 outside perimeter, the rest inside causing light damage to a bunker with negative casualties. Adjusted Arty and 2 airstrikes were called on SEL with negative assessments.


    291330H, XD942476. Ranger Team 15 was inserted and engaged 1 NVA Northeast 10-20 meters from location - - 1 NVA KIA. While moving to examine body,   the team drew fire from 2 enemy, broke contact and were extracted after gunships engaged the area.




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