INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    291830H, YD096641. 3/D/1-11 spotted 10 personnel 600 meters Northwest moving North and employed and adjusted Arty with unknown results.


30 May 1971


    301245H, YD087624. 1 person left 1/D/1-11 while on patrol and set off pressure detonated 155mm round - - 1 US KIA, 2 US WIA.


    301440H, YD263485. A/4-12. M113 set off a TM-41 mine with 4.2 round on top of it blowing off 2 roadwheels and damaging hull around sprocket. 4 US WIA.


    301645H, YD147506. Individuals from 1/C/1-11 set off a boobytrapped claymore mine - - 2 US WIA.


31 May 1971


    310730, YD084639 082638. 1/C/1-61 found 38 mines along sides of tank trail - - 34 TM-41 and 4 TM-46. Mines were destroyed in place. Dogs found 1 mine, mine detectors 2; the rest were spotted visually or by probing. Mines appeared to have been planted the previous night.


    311400H, YD246444. 1/B/1-11. Individual set off pressure detonated frag - - 1 US WIA. 3 other boobytraps were found - - 1 US frag with trip wire, 1 pressure detonated Chicom explosive and 1 clacker with wire strung to Chcom explosive. All were destroyed in place.


    311745H, YD114497. A/1-77. M48A3 hit 155mm round blowing off 2 roadwheels, arms and housings on left side - - negative casualties. Area was not swept prior to incident. Area swept after incident with negative results.


1 June 1971


    01080H, YD084639. C/1-61 visually spotted 2 TM-41 mines which were destroyed in place. They were thought to have been planted the previous night.


    011325H, YD335455. A/7th Engineers. While mine sweeping, an M113 set off pressure activated 155mm round blowing off 4 sets of roadwheels - - 1 US WIA. No recent area activity.


    011445H, YD311445. Bde Sec Plt. M113 hit pressure detonated 155mm round blowing off 3 sets of roadwheels and torsion bars - - negative casualties.


    011440H, YD051685. B/3-5 took 10 82mm rounds and 60mm rounds - - Arty returned fire on SEL.


    011445H, YD084639. C/1-61 took 2 RPG rounds from Southwest - - negative casualties. 81mm and Arty engaged YD083625 causing 1 secondary explosion. Area searched with negative results.




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