INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    011610H, YD084639. C/1-61 took sporadic fire and unknown number of RPG rounds hitting 2 M113s, of which 1 was a combat loss. 5 US WIA, 1 KCS WIA.


    011640H, YD102681. 1/B/3-5 took 2 RPG rounds and SAF from North - - negative casualties. Engaged with organic weapons - - area swept with negative results.


    011640H, YD072662. A/1-61. Same as above.


    011645H, YD108681. B/1-77 took 4 RPG rounds and SAF - - 1 US WIA. Area swept and engaged with organic weapons with negative results.


    011710H, YD084639. B/1-77. M48 set off several stacked TM-46 mines - - 2 US WIA. Left rear sprocket and 2 roadwheels were blown off. Area swept prior to and after incident - - negative results. No recent area activity.


2 June 1971


    020930H, YD289456. 3/A/4-12. M113 set off 250 pound pressure detonated bomb blowing off 4 sets of roadwheels, belly armor and engine access hatch and severing final drive mech - - 1 US KIA, 4 US WIA. Area not swept prior to incident. No recent area activity.


    011330 - - 011930, (delayed action) XD926443, YD014593, XD854454. CP/P/75th. Team inserted to FSB Shepard and engaged small groups of enemy with organic weapons, taking 25-30 unknown size mortars during this time. Team extracted and reinserted on Hill 1015, receiving MG fire as 3rd chopper landed and took hits. Unknown size enemy force was engaged in 2 bunkers on hill with organic weapons and gunship support - - 1 AH1G was hit and crashed. Bunker was taken and team extracted 1930H - - 6 US WIA, 1 AH1G destroyed, 1 UH1H damaged, 1 ARVN KIA, 3 NVA KIA.


    021257H, YD359409. A/3-5 took 3 RPG rounds 50-75 meters from Northeast - - 2 US WIA. Gunships engaged area and area swept - - 2 PRG rounds found.


    021550H, YD364421. A/3-5. M113 hit pressure detonated 105mm round blowing off left track and putting hole in hull - - negative casualties. Area swept 2 hours prior to incident - - unit returning on same trail. 021730H- -021830H, YD135646. 1-61 took 31 122mm rockets, 27 landing inside the base - - 3 US WIA. Counterbattery fired, gunships were expended and airstrike was called with unknown results.


3 June 1971


    030845H, YD102626. B/1-77. M48A3 hit metallic mine blowing off 2 sets of roadwheels and arms - - negative casualties. Area not swept prior to incident. No recent area activity.




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