INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    031000H, YD355453. A/4-12. Individual set off anti-personnel mine - - 1 US WIA. No recent area activity. Area swept with negative results.


    031000H, YD130725. B/3-5 found 250 pound bomb. EOD was requested and blew it in place.


    031254H - - 031430H, YD117701. 1-61 took 22x 120mm rounds and 4x 122mm rockets - - negative casualties or damage. 81mm and 4.2 mortars placed fire on SEL silencing 120mm position with unknown results.


    031254 - - 031823H, YD135646. C-2 took 99x 122mm rockets during this time period, 77 landing inside perimeter. 2 US KIA, 1x 122mm rocket site and launcher destroyed, 25x 122mm rockets destroyed.


    031400H, YD104628. 1/B/1-61 visually spotted 1 TM-41 mine and blew it in place. No recent area activity.


    031400H, YD137718. B/3-5 found 1 TM-41 stacked on 1 TM-60, also spotting 2x 500 pound bombs. Both mines and bombs were blown in place. No recent area activity.


    031650H, YD316417. Sniper Team from 2/E/1-11. Individual set off pressure detonated boobytrap - - 4 US WIA. Team was extracted.


4  June 1971


    031850H, YD328386 (delayed report). Bde Sec Plt took 8x 82mm rounds 100 meters Southeast of position - - negative casualties or damage. Counterbattery was fired causing 1 secondary explosion.

040835H, YD304409. With mine detector, 1/A/4-12 detected boobytrapped 155mm round which was blown in place.

   041255H, YD361477. 2/A/4-12. Individual set of pressure activated mine (anti-personnel) - - 3 US WIA.  No recent area activity.


    041340H, YD365420. A/3-5. M113 set off 155mm round - - 1 US WIA. No recent area activity.


    041525H, YD133727. C/3-5 spotted and engaged with M16 and Arty 3 NVA 2  of which were hit in back and head respectively - - fled across DMZ.


    041725 - - 041750H, YD135646. 1-61 took 12x 122mm rockets, 10 inside and 2 outside perimeter - - 2 US WIA. 3 PPS-5 radars damaged. Counterbattery was fired with unknown results.




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