INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


    041825H - - 041945H, YD117701. 1-61 took 22x 122mm rockets inside perimeter. 2 US WIA. Arty and 4.2 fire caused 3 secondary explosions on SEL.


    041830H, YD144522. 3/A/1-77 took 3 RPG rounds - - negative casualties or damage. Engaged SEL with organic weapons. 1 NVA WIA (POW), 1 AK-47, 2 US frag grenades and 2 AK-47 magazines captured.


5 June 1971


    050845H, YD118720. 2/C/3-5 mine dog found 2 stacked TM-41s which were blown in place. They were believed to have been planted the previous night.


    050750H, YD288551. A/14th Engineers. D7/E bulldozer hit 105mm round damaging transmission and final drive - - negative casualties. Area activity within 12-24 hours.


    050950H, YD112718. C/3-5. M551 set off 2 stacked PM-60s blowing all roadwheels off left side and blowing hole in hull - - 3 US WIA. Area swept prior to incident with mine dog and detector.


6 June 1971


    061340H, YD138735. 2/C/3-5 visually spotted TM-60 in field. Mine was blown in place. No recent area activity.


    061905H, YD087630. Scts/1-61, while setting up night ambush site, took 6-8x 60mm rounds - - 1 US KIA, 2 US WIA. Arty fired at SEL - - 4-6 NVA spotted by RF at these locations.


7 June 1971


    070135H, YD135646. 1-61 spotted 7 personnel outside wire and engaged with M16 and M79 while 81mm - - contact broken at 0255H with no return fire from enemy.


    070710H, YD085694. B/1-77. M48A3 hit TM-46 blowing off 2 housings, 1 buffer spring and 2 sets of roadwheels - - negative casualties. Area swept with negative results.


    070908H, YD232435. 3/A/4-12. M551 set off suspected 155mm/4.2 round blowing off 1 roadwheel arm and 2 pads - - negative casualties. Area swept with negative results. No recent area activity.


    071530H, YD067694. B/1-61 took 8x 82mm rounds - - negative casualties or damage. Arty adjusted on SEL silencing mortars.


    071535H, YD282510. A/7th Engineers found 1x 155mm round which was blown in place.


    071640H, YD285510. A/7th found 1x 81mm round by use of a mine detector. Mine was blown in place.




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