INCLOSURE 7 (Chronological Listing of Significant Events) to Combat Operations After Action Report Montana Mustang 080001H April 1971 111200H July 1971


20 June 1971


    200850H, YD121685. A/1-77. M48A3 set off Pm-60 blowing off 2 roadwheels - - negative casualties. Area not swept prior to incident. During sweep after incident 3 stacked PM-60s were found and blown in place.


    200920H, YD124614. A/1-61 visually spotted a TM-41 which was destroyed in place.


    200920H, YD096677. B/1-61 & A/1-77 took 3-5 rounds RPG, 1 M48A3 taking 2-3 RPG rounds - - 2 US KIA, 1 US WIA. Area engaged with organic weapons, mortar and Arty fire. At 1125H, pursuing RPG team, unit took 2x 82mm rounds 800 meters from location. At 1320H they engaged and captured 1 NVA who was medevaced to 18th Surg but died of wounds. 1 AK-47 and 4 Chicom grenades were captured.


    201340H - - 201346H, YD094673. Scts & B/1-61 took 8x 120mm rounds, the closest 75 meters from location. Arty employed with unknown results.


21 June 1971


    210015H, YD316526, Charlie Sector. Radar picked up 2-3 personnel in area.


Mech ambush detonated vicinity and area engaged with M79 and swept at first light with negative results.


    210115H, YD297531. ASP-101. 2 personnel spotted and engaged between T-6 and T-7. ASP, D, E and F Sectors were alerted and sentry dogs used with negative results. At first light all ASP pads and surrounding area were swept with a tracker team with negative results.


    211015H, YD306448. 2/B/3-5. M113 hit an anti-personnel mine stacked on 155mm round which did not go off - - negative casualties or damage. 155mm was blown in place. Area swept prior to and after incident.


    211000H - - 211815H, YD117701. A-4 took 8 rounds 120mm, 5 hitting 8/4 Arty, 3 outside perimeter - - negative casualties or damage. At 1645H FB took 8 120mm rounds inside perimeter - - 1 Q-4 radar damaged. At 1815H FB took 1 122mm rocked outside perimeter - - negative casualties or damage.


    211223H, YD096626. A/1-77 & B/1-61 took 3 RPG rounds damaging 2 M113 and burning 1 M113 - - negative casualties. SAF and Arty employed - - 1 NVA WIA, 1 AK-47 captured.


    211323H, YD093637. C/1-61 spotted and engaged 4 NVA - - SAF and 2 RPG rounds were returned by enemy - - 5 NVA KIA. 2 AK-47s, 5 AK-47 magazines, 1 B-40 launcher, 4 Chicom grenades and documents captured.




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