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  Fifth Infantry Division (Mechanized) Operations In Vietnam


 (1968 - 1971)  


  Sullivan (OPORD) (1968) ( Fulton Square (1969-1970)
  Pioneer I (1968) Green River (1970) (  
  Napoleon Saline II & Marshall Mt. (1968-1969) York Market (1970) (Society of the 5th Div.)
  Battle of Cam Hung (1969) ( Dakota Clint (1970)
  Operation Montana Mauler (1969) (US Army) Wolfe Mountain (1970-1971) (
  Task Force Remagen (1969) (US Army) Dewey Canyon II (1971) (Society of the 5th Div.)
  Ellis Ravine  (1969) (Society of the 5th Div.) Lam Son 719 (1971) (Society of the Fifth Div.)
  Massachusetts Bay (1969) (Society of the 5th Div.) Lam Son 719 (CIA Library) PDF file - requires free Adobe Reader to view
  Utah Mesa (1969)  (Society of the 5th Div.) Lam Son 719 map (
  Iroquois Grove (1969) (Society of the 5th Div.) Lam Son 719 aeronautical map (
  William's Glade (1969) (Society of the 5th Div.) Montana Mustang (1971) (
  Idaho Canyon (1969) (Wikipedia)  
  Unnamed Operation (1969)  

Other Items     

  Capt. Phil Bodenhorn ( The Observer 4/18/69  (Phil Denney)
  OH58 shootdown  ( Northern Most Fall, 1970 (Ron Clayton) 
  1-11 BN Daily Journal (3/69) (Bob Scheurer) Peace Negotiations  (
  1-11 BN Daily Journal Page  (Keith Short) Spring-Summer Offensive 1972  (Wikipedia)
  1-1Cav Daily Journal Page  (Keith Short) The US Army in Vietnam (US Army)
  PAVN  ( 

Five Weeks at Phalane (Laos 1971) (CIA)

  Diamond Dust 4/11/69  (Mark Radmann) Operation Tailwind 9/70 (Wikipedia)
  R & R Orders Taipei (Larry Carr) Pay Voucher (Larry Carr)
  95th Evac Hosp Orders (Larry Carr) In-Country R & R China Beach (Larry Carr)
  1-11 Historical Supplement 1968 (M. Radmann) Rick Hohhalter's Vietnam Diary 
  Red Devil Brigade  6/1/71 (B R Spears)   BN Daily Journal Pages  11/69 (Jack Perkins)
  Souvenir Issue Red Devil Brigade (1971) (Joe Evy)   








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