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                 Personal Stories, Poems and Recollections

Paul Carlson, 11C (1970-1971)  Paul Carlson, Steve Sullens and Charles Marcum Reunion 2007
John Carney, 01542 (1967-1968) Vietnam: A Two Week Visit in 2005 from Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Bulletin
Larry Carr, 11B (1969-1970) 1st Platoon, Welcome to Vietnam, Thanksgiving Day 1969  
  Tear Gas and Water Buffalo, A Tank Ride, Lucky -- October 1970,  Going Home,  
  The Busted Weapon, Ice Cream, A Deadly Game, The Dog Handler, NVA Bunker Complex  
Lane Carson, 01542 1st Platoon Leader (1971) from Winners and Losers by Gloria Emerson
Lew Currier, 91B (1971) 3rd Platoon, Lam Son 719 Remembered  Died 8/1/15
Tony Gumbrell,11B 2nd Platoon (1969-1970)  A Recollection of 1SG Anselmo Braffith, CH-47 Crash on FSB Fuller
Bob Harp, 11F 1st Platoon (1969-1970) The Silence Died 1/29/08
Rick Hochhalter, 11B & CP RTO (1970-1971) Vietnam Diary
Jerry Long 11B (1968 -1969) Poems: Friendly Fire, Isaac Exum, Someone to Love (All in  PDF Format)
Dave Nee, 91B (1970-1971) FSB Fuller Remembered
Ed Pacilio, 11B (1969-1970)  FSB Fuller
Dennis Rees, 01542 (1969-1970) 1st Platoon Leader, Turkey Ridge November 27, 1969
Bob Scheurer, 11B (1968-1969) Friendly Fire








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