Steve Sullens, 11B


1970 -1971


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Steve Sullens




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Then: Steve Sullens

Now: Steve Sullens

ca. 1970

ca. 2002





Joe Pittman

Looking over a valley


  AO Green






Joe Pittman and Richard Cole?

Chopper banking to pick up

Wringing out a wet poncho liner

recon patrol

AO Green

Photo Taken from Hill 240




Paul Carlson [left] Steve Sullens [right]

LT Blake Clark going topless to inspire

  Hill 240

  the troops -- Hill 240



Rick Hochhalter rubbing his face,

Hill 240

and wondering how he got here

Sometimes it gets real lonely!

Hill 240



Larry "Pineapple" Cho and unknown soldier?

River scene of Vietnamese

  Hill 240




They bring us in from the bush; show us this, and

Unidentified soldier

give us a couple of beers, then send us back.

  Camp Roberts, QTCB



Hiking gear

Steve Sullens on river bank


Peace brother!



  Paul Carlson on river bank

Taking a break near an old bombed-out


temple that has seen better days



A slick sling-loading our Rucksacks

Unidentified soldiers taking a break

AO Green

 before humping into the mountains



Paul Carlson

Johnny Martinez?







Charles Ames


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