Steve Sullens, 11B


1970 -1971


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Steve Sullens




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SSG White

Steve Sullens on left -- Santa Claus on right

  landing a helicopter

     GVN patrol boat in background





Paul Carlson

Steve Sullens taking a break in

   Peace brother!

the jungle






Re-supply helicopter

Unidentified soldiers outside

east of Quang Tri

 EM club




Paul Carlson heading to the river

Steve Sullens in center --


  wet and miserable



L - R, Joe Pittman, Paul Carlson, Johnny Martinez?

Paul Carlson taking a break in

unidentified soldier, SSG White, unidentified soldier

a Vietnamese cemetery



L - R, LT Clark, SSG White, Paul Carlson

Jimmie Maxey?

and Jimmie Maxy




Richard Cole? in AO Green

Joe Pittman and Johnny Martinez?


  and Raymond Delgado?



Paul Carlson got his own personal

Hueys picking us up and taking


us back to Camp Roberts



Hueys picking us up and taking

 Charles "Joe" Pittman in hooch

us back to Camp Roberts



L - R: Joe Pittman, Paul Carlson & Steve Sullens




Charles Ames


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