First Sergeant Tommie O. Hicks (1970-1971)  


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Courtesy of


Tommie O. Hicks, USA (Ret.)  & Tammie Hicks Clark




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Lyle "Monty" Montgomery

"Smitty" [left] Unknown Driver


 John "Lucy" Lacey [right]





1SG Hicks and Company Puppy

Unidentified Soldier


Lyle "Monty" Montgomery in

John Lacey [Driver] Others Unidentified

Orderly Room

in Company Area


Bob Harp

Bob Harp




Unidentified Soldier in Hooch

Helipad -Maybe?



A/1-11 Orderly Room

Deluxe Accommodations

 Christmas-time 1970




  Unidentified Soldier

1SG Tommie O. Hicks



"Doc" Tony Rossier

Letter to Home

First Platoon Medic


 Out in the Bush

Unidentified SSG

Unidentified Soldiers

with NVA Hat






 "Iron Coffin"




Charles Ames


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