First Sergeant Tommie O. Hicks (1970-1971)


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Courtesy of


Tommie O. Hicks, USA (Ret.)  & Tammie Hicks Clark




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Huey Ride

Huey Ride with M-60






Huey Banking Hard to the Right

In Flight with M-16







Unknown Location

CH-47 Sling Loading Supplies

 Lam Son 719




CH-47 Hovering with Supplies

Sky Crane






Destroyed APC

   US Infantry Equipment





Captured Enemy Rice Bag

Digging a Foxhole





Captured Improvised Enemy Equipment

A Parked Huey





Destroyed Truck

  Bath Time in the River

 Lam Son 719

Lam Son 719



Ladder to a NVA Anti-Aircraft

View Through the Jungle Canopy

Shooting Position



Taking a break from

Passing Through a

Digging a Foxhole

  Vietnamese Village



Vietnamese Cemetery

Unknown Vietnamese Tower







Charles Ames


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