First Sergeant Tommie O. Hicks (1970-1971)


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Courtesy of


Tommie O. Hicks, USA (Ret.)  & Tammie Hicks Clark




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A Jeep and Ambulance

On Coast of South China Sea






One of our Trucks

NDP on Hilltop

   Over the Side






1SG Tommie O. Hicks

NDP on Hilltop

 Lam Son 719




Unspecified NDP

Unknown Fire Base






Deluxe Accommodations

  Unidentified Soldier in


   the Field



Our Mortar Platoon

Cobra, AH1G, Attacking





Smoke from Cobra, AH1G, Attack

Along "Highway" QL9





NDP along

  Captain Bodenhorn on the radio




"Top" HIcks In the Field

Wacky Bacer-1 Jeep


  Unidentified Soldiers with C-Rations


Unidentified Soldiers

Dinky Dau, KCS


 a.k.a.. LeVann Quang



Painting Our Hooches

Lyle " Monty" Montgomery Center

Camp Roberts - Unidentified Soldiers

Others Unidentified


Third Platoon in Formation

Scout Dog  on Stand Down

    Camp Roberts



Unidentified Soldier

Blake Clark on USO

Christmas Tour -- Iraq 2003






Charles Ames


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